Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There's an app for that. Oh wait! There's not? Then appster it!

Why the idea of appster came to be 

We all have smartphones theses days. Everyone. At least everyone who is reading this. And everyone who has one knows they are a part of us. We use them everyday. Smartphones are HUGE! They store contact information. They have the internet. They're music players. They're used to check email, social media and bank accounts. They're used to find directions, take pictures and run businesses. They're even flashlights and keys for our homes and cars. All of these nice things, conveniently in one's pocket almost all of the day. And when not in the pocket, either playing music on the bathroom sink during a late evening shower, or sitting on a night stand waiting for the alarm to go off - only to be snoozed for another 30 minutes. 

These devices have nearly limitless capabilities. The hardware and software contain all of these gears, waiting to be aligned by a few select people to help the average person with whatever they may need. These alignments are called apps. Apps are cool. There are tons of them. They make billions of dollars each year. An app can be sold for $100M before it even becomes public. Others can revenue over $2M in a single day! Apps can be fun, convenient, and change people's lives. 

Sounds enticing for most people, doesn't it? But the average person is an app user and not an app developer. The developers are the ones who make the money. The average person can't code an app, or throw thousands of dollars to pay for a developer. So the select few developers are building these promising apps for more than 1 BILLION smartphone users! Does that mean the creators understand every frustration this large group faces on a day to day basis? Absolutely not. Who would better know the users' needs more than the users themselves? A smartphone can solve everyday difficulties. It just needs some creative thinking to help these numerous crowds. Some will not even realize they have an idea for an app. "Man, I wish there was an app for..." Finish that sentence. You may be on to something. Something big. Anywhere from hundreds to millions of people can benefit from this. This is why appster's model was methodically created. It is a tool that gives the Average Joes a chance to get a piece of the action. This isn't just to capture the light bulb moment, it's to let people know they actually have a light bulb moment, and there is a robust online community ready to make something of it. 

The thing is, there is NOT an app for everything. Every few months new phones come out with new hardware and capabilities. With appster, the world's ideas for new devices can fly. It lets the customers decide what will be cool or helpful for them. It lets regular people get their really great ideas turned into marketable products. And it greatly rewards those who get involved before someone else does.

Until appster fully launches to the public, sit back, think of what annoys you during the day and innovate some app ideas!

Danny Juskiw
Co-Founder, appster LLC